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Introducing Norhidayah binti Mat Seman or so known as Hidayah Seman. Currently a final year student of Degree of Manufacturing Engineering (Robotics & Automation) in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). Love to hear and solve problems. Love to wonder myself being a model or whatsoever they called. Also love to make friends with people who want to be friend of me. If they have no attention to be my friend, I also have no desire to be a friend of them. Just, I will be there if they need my hands of assistance. I'm a part-time blogger. I got several blogs because I have my own reason for doing that. 

NORHIDAYAH is my first blog. You can see how childish my writing and languages there.
precious second is the second blog. At first, I thaught of continuing my entire life blogging there but the existence of the next blog stop me writing in precious second. And, I called this blog as the "blog peralihan" from child girl to georgeous woman.
Hidayah Seman is my current and insyaAllah will be forever center for me to blog. And I also have a new blog specially for blogshop which is HS Blogshop

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