March 08, 2015

[TRAVELOG] Turkey Part I


February 15, 2015

That morning, my friends and I depart at 04:30 from UTeM and arrive KLIA at 07:00. There, we meet our travel leader from ENESTY which are Sis Lily Masturi, Sis Azreena and Sis Nelda, We check-in and get our boarding pass and the boarding flight would be at 10:50. We board on Emirates Airline and have 2hours transit at Dubai International Airport.


Around 17:35 we arrive at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. We warmly welcome by our tourist guide from ANTHUSA Travel, Tamer Özdemir. He will accompany us during our six days in Istanbul, Turkey. We make a move from airport to our hotel which is Hamidiye Hotel. The hotel is near to Şehzade Cami in Fatih district. Along the way, Tamer explains us about the historical things about Turkey, the reign, and he keep talking about the bridges in Istanbul. Until now I can't remember the names of the three bridges. There is one bridge that connect the European side and Asian side of Turkey. That night, after getting our room keys, we have our dinner at the dining hall of the hotel. Next, my friends and I stroll around the hotel. Well said, we are excited to stroll around Istanbul. But, surprisingly, there are a few like beggars keep begging towards us and asking us to give them, money. Honestly, I am too afraid that time. My fortune that time I got no Turkish Lira so I can't give them Malaysian Ringgit. We just stroll for only 15minutes since we don't know where to go and it seems very dangerous to us because we don't know the streets yet. Next, we got our meeting regarding our official visit to universities. 

See you on next part.. for the more exciting story.. 

Love, HS

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