December 21, 2013

How do you feel become a public figure?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and a very good evening.

One question to ask for myself and all of you. "How do you feel when becoming a public figure?" Do you like it? Why do you like it? Do you hate it? Why do you hate it? You can answer by yourself because in MY blog, I wanna share MINE.

If someone ask me what is my feeling becoming a public figure. What can I say is "Am I a public figure?" because I, myself did not notice if I am a public figure or not. I know what is public figure, someone like who can be an idol to the people. I dont care if other people wanna call me as public figure or not. But, me, myself wanna clarify me as a public figure, I think I can't. Because I think I am not eligible to do that. For me, the one I can say public figure is our Prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

But, since now, the situation is not the same like before, I need to watch for myself. What I am doing, talking, facebooking, even chatting and blogging, I need to think before doing something. Well, I dont like doing all of this but the title made me to do that. So, am I like to be public figure?

Honestly, before this, I don't think MPPs are public figure. For me, they are also normal students. Yaaahhh, like someone said before "MPPs are abnormal." because they do things that other students dont do.

I think being one like me now makes me abnormal too. Know what? To manage other 11k plus students is not very easy. Can you divide your time on how to handle 11k students' problem when you, yourself are having problem? Wahhh... I think what I can say become a public figure, I can be abnormal. There are good and bad being an abnormal people. The good thing, you can assist other people. But for the bad side, you can't even able to think about yourself not to mention to take care about yourself. That's why we need an organisation. To help each other. Not doing job by yourself right?

However, there is some sense of regret on some individual's attitude when always attack "someone" from the organisation when he/she didn't do that. But, what can I do right? That is their right. What you say yes is right and what you say wrong is right because you are person who have the right to talk and write. Just, my advice, consider other people's feelings because they are human too, not robots in the lab.

Happy study week to my friends. And good luck for your final exam !

xoxo, HS

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