May 24, 2012

campus life. assignments queing up.


Evening everybody ! Alhamdulillah I got this chance updating this new blog. Since I'm a Ipta student, I've got less chance updating this blog thing since I've lot3 work to do. And, now, I wanna release those tension and stress doing the assignments. Whatta hard to get blogging mood of mine.

These three weeks are the most exhausted weeks of mine. Not only me, but most of Degree holders as our final exam is just around the corner. Lots of assignments need to be submitted by this two weeks. Alhamdulillah I've done half of my assignments, rreports, and projects but study? Ya Allah, I'm not studying yet ! Whatta........ *sigh  -________-"

Here, I just wanna list my assignments, reports and so on which due dates by these two weeks.

  1. report + logbook taekwando = DONE
  2. report CCT =  DONE
  3. report TITAS =  DONE
  4. report AUTOCAD = 60%  DONE
  5. report milling =  (not DONE yet)
  6. assignment differential equation = 25%  DONE
  7. past year question  differential equation  =  (not DONE yet)
  8. quiz mechanic machine =  DONE
  9. test3 mechanic machine = 28/5/12  (not studying yet)
  10. quiz differential equation = 30/5/12  (not studying yet)
  11. meeting TOPART for theatre = TOMORROW
  12. AJK theatre "KERUSI" = 26/5/12  NIGHT
  13. meeting kelab memanah = 27/5/12  EVENING

Ya Allah, too many work-to-do . With my physically-ill, I'm very EXHAUSTED ! I wanna sleep but I can't. I can't leave my work aside. Hopefully all of my work can be done before the due dates. I dont wanna rushing and being the clumsiest one when it comes the day submitting reports, assignments and so on.

So, from now on, stop blabbering, stop dreaming, keep focusing on your tasks, H ! And, I can't wait for the study week on 2-10 June 2012 where I can have my own time studying without any hindrances and obstacles from assignments. HAHA


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